This page will have all of the terms that are used in Filmatick.

Boundaries - these red vertical lines in the dopesheet for each shot, represent the beginning and the ending of your shot. Filmatick initially places these boundaries immediately after a shot is created but can be moved to wherever you wish. Learn more about boundaries in Create a Shot, or Tick.

Keyframe - one moment in time where an actor/prop is in movement and rotation. This is shown in Filmatick as a blue diamond in the Dopesheet. A keyframe can signify the beginning and end point of any transition. IE - A character moving from one spot to another would have 2 keyframes (the beginning position and the ending position). Learn more about keyframes in Scene Blocking.

Playhead - The long vertical aqua colored line with a triangle on top that shows the user where in the timeline their project is. This can be left clicked and dragged to go back and forth in time.

Reference - one part of the process is dependent on the previous part. When you create a set, the Scene Blocking is referenced to that set. Any changes that are made to that set are shown in the Scene Blocking and any related shots.

Scenes - A group of shots based on script location. Usually defined by the script as Scene Heading. Shots makeup a Scene. Scenes make up a Project. Also known as Sequences. Can be labeled as numeric (10,20,30) or alphabetical (A,B,C)

Shots - one continuous cut of a camera move.

Scene Blocking - Placing and animating characters and props in the Scene. This is akin to rehearsal blocking where actors will move from place to place.

Tick - the line in the script that signifies the start and the end of a shot. Each tick will have a tickhead that includes the name of the shot and the type of shot it is.

Tracks - Different levels in the Timeline Panel. Video has two tracks. Each Audio has by default 3 but can be added to or deleted from.