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October 6, 2021



June 29, 2021



June 8, 2021



April 2, 2021



March 16, 2021










April 6, 2021



March 19, 2021




Change Log

  • Added parenting functionality via the parent constraint

  • Characters that aren't in the script may now be added to the cast panel and assigned to models

  • Added naming style settings for scenes and shots in the project settings. There are three options: default count by 10, count by 1 and alphabetical numbering

  • Importing using FDX files exported from writer duet is now supported

  • Ticks may now be given custom names when they're created

  • Fixed issue with camera icon ribbon bar item being disable sometimes

  • Fixed issue where once a model is locked, it can't be unlocked

  • Added Fire and Campground models to the model library

  • Made van and Mercedes' windows transparent

  • Trash can rotation fixed

  • Fog, Flashlight and Streetlight models added to the model library

  • Fixed issue where sometimes importing dialogue would fail due to the line number naming

  • Added MP4 import functionality. Currently exporting timeline with videos does not work.

  • Added volume control for audio/video items in library as a default value, and can be overridden in the timeline

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to log in to the application if they had bought their key through the website

  • Fixed an issue with the lowest zoom level having the time stamps flicker between different intervals.

  • Dragging on the timeline and on other panels now no longer deselects items

  • Fixed an issue where long character names could cause overflow for the TTS voice settings modal

  • In preferences modal, the Apply button has been changed to a Save button and now clicking the button automatically closes the window.

  • Fixed an issue where holding ctrl and using select forward would deselect any item underneath the cursor after releasing

  • Fixed an issue where scene marker could go past another if you use the hotkey alt while dragging

  • Fixed issue where updating lens wouldn't work in a camera behavior

  • Cast panel now always updates to actors when they're assigned to characters

  • Fixed an issue with loading time of day and the undo redo system

  • Fixed issue where global/local icons could be enabled in the incorrect state

  • Fixed issue where time of day doesn't automatically update

  • After adding new props, those props are automatically selected in the outliner panel

  • Fixed issue where props could be created in the file without dragging the prop over to the 3D panel

  • fixed issue with creating new projects

  • Fixed a bug where undo of set deletion returns the suffix - .filset

  • Hotkeys should work when focused on the ribbon bar or title bar of that specific hotkeys panel

  • Error now pops up if any models are missing with a list of models that need to be put back in the model's folder for the project to work again

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes files won't load using the native windows decompressor

  • Image library items now show a thumbnail with the correct aspect ratio of the image

  • Added camera view functionality to keyframe behaviors

  • PositionGizmo now sets its own Transform value based on its linked GizmoTarget's ObservableVector3 value

  • Added a global settings option in file dropdown, this settings panel contains autosave options

  • Added autosave function which is on by default and will save every 5 minutes

  • Autokey is now on by default

  • Changed the warning for the error text for when you try to open a project with a greater version than the application to be more clear

  • Modified tick modal to include a media type option, which allows users to select an image as its media type instead of shot so that when the shot is placed into the timeline, it displays the image

  • Added UI to the tick modal for viewing all images, along with an import button to allow for easy importing from the modal

  • When dragging an image shot from the library, the mouse icon will show as an image

  • Fixed issue where application state could be wrong after having more than one modal open and then close all of them

  • Warning and errors for ticks appear now as a colored bar on the side of the tick's head

  • Added ability to lock props

  • Added project settings on file dropdown

  • Added ability to change the aspect ratio in the project settings panel

  • Added exit button on file dropdown to give another way to exit the application

  • When focusing on the timeline or dope sheet, pressing ‘Tab' will switch the active tab to the inactive tab

  • Added shortcut 'Tab' to switch between camera and 3D panel

  • Added the ability to edit the shot type text in the shot list

  • Fixed a bug where the cast panel was showing actors vertically in one column

  • Confirm and open shot grays out when the shot can't be opened

  • Added tooltip to confirm and open shot which explains why it can't be opened

  • Added duplication as ctrl+D shortcut for a selected 3d object

  • Added duplication as a context menu option for props and walls in the 3d area and outliner rows

  • Dialogue paragraphs separated by parentheticals now generate as two different audio tracks, and each additional track is named using the line number plus a letter, for example, 3A and 3B.

  • Ability to turn on all cameras in the scene as icons

  • Added an easing function for zooming out

  • Added post-processing toggle to preferences

  • Add screenshot function

  • Fixed a bug where generating robot voices would hang the application

  • Added a field in the scene list row proxy to change the time of day

  • Made ground materials less shiny

  • Increased visual fidelity using Beautify

  • Drawn walls are overridden in scenes and shots

  • Fixed an issue where you can't select or animate lights after placing them

  • Fixed a bug where users can scale the shot camera in a way that blocks the view

  • We now deselect all objects when turning on wall drawing

  • Hotkey for reset camera in 3d view was missing, so I added it again (Y)

  • Fixed an issue where closing tick modal would set the application state incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue where deleting ticks that haven't created shots don't stay deleted after loading

  • Fixed issue where the image import thumbnail was incorrect after the first time of using the modal

  • Now the script only moves to a new location automatically if the user explicitly chooses a scene from the shot list.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on scenes in the shot list didn't go to that scene in the timeline

  • Added ten minutes to the end of the last timeline object, so you can no longer zoom out far enough to get into a situation where the scroll bar can't go to the scene marker

  • Fixed an issue where objects were not marked as overridden when they actually were, causing a crash

  • Fixed an issue where using camera behaviors on a static object was causing the main timeline to throw errors

  • Fixed an issue where you weren't able to select or animate the van, bathroom mirror, or whole semi objects in 3d

  • Double doors no longer animate

  • Removed the dining room section of the explorer since it had only a bed in it

  • Updated splash screen

  • No textures on cushy couch fixed

  • Fixed an issue where virtual camera was enabled when switching between shots without behaviors

  • Fixed weirdness when working on shots that the objects in the outliner disappear

  • Fixed issue with shots in timeline and behavior cameras not turning off while scrubbing between them

  • The prop name now gets filled in when creating the prop on load if it doesn't exist

  • Deleting imported model removes it from the cast panel if it was being used

  • Better error handling during script import

  • Fix for render cancel crash

  • Fix for bug reports not working in obfuscated builds

  • Fixed errors being thrown after importing a model

  • Fixed issue when removing a set from scene that had created scene blocking, set references were lost in blocking, therefore showing nothing

  • Error from server now shows on login modal

  • Fixed issue where modals wouldn't show errors from the server

  • Fixed several issues with dopesheet scrolling and creating ticks/bounds/keyframes

  • Fixed TickBound lightbox sometimes disappears

  • Fixed PDF saving when closing the browser

  • Fixed Export video codec issues

  • Fixed an issue where virtual camera was enabled when switching between shots without behaviors

  • Fixed weirdness when working on shots that the objects in the outliner disappear

  • Fixed issue with shots in timeline and behavior cameras not turning off while scrubbing between them

  • The prop name now gets filled in when creating the prop on load if it doesn't exist

  • Deleting imported model removes it from the cast panel if it was being used

  • Better error handling during script import

  • Fix for render cancel crashing

  • Fix for bug reports not working in obfuscated builds

  • Fixed bug with PDF Exporting

  • Ticks can now be added without creating the shot

  • Ticks can be created of any character from the script or actor in the scene

  • Added several new sets and terrains

  • Added Ability to delete set from the shot list, using right-click context menu

  • Added Ability to change actors for characters in scenes

  • Added PDF export

  • Added auto place audio checkbox to robot voice creation

  • Added several models to the built-in model library

  • Added a place dialogue checkbox that disables itself when the scene(s) that it would place dialogue into already have items

  • Added save on exit confirmation modal, in case you forgot to save

  • Created hotkey for fullscreen toggle of the most recently selected panel (BackQuote)

  • Modified light theme to make the text darker and make button hover darker

  • Previous/Next Keys now work when a row isn't selected

  • Added button for Confirm & Open Shot to open the shot after creating the tick

  • Added warning icons for can't create shot and shot not yet created that appear above ticks.

  • The camera is now dropped on wide shots if you undo the shot before placing

  • Added thicker rotation gizmo colliders

  • Reorganized set selection modal to have a folder structure for better organization

  • Fixed color for the scroll view on the set selection modal

  • Added ability to work import image(s) and add them to the timeline

  • Fixed issue where placing actor wouldn't set the checkmark

  • Enhanced error handling in general

  • Fixed an issue where you could click cancel or the x button to close the voice settings modal and then it would hang forever

  • Now when generating the tts files we wait for a frame before each file is sent off to be generated.

  • Fixed issue where when opening a shot, it would say that the shot is corrupted even though it wasn't.

  • When placing a wide camera, the start keyframe now appears at the first boundary in the dope sheet

  • Several fixes to the camera behaviors

  • Open all shots only opens ticks with created shots

  • Sets no longer are duplicated when loaded

  • Added undo-redo for any lens changes

  • Walls maintain width when moving endpoints

  • Outliner now is empty when not in set/scene/shot

  • Update hotkey alt text for zoom in on timelines to be '=' not '+'

  • Dopesheet is now named Dope Sheet in application

  • Fixed several bugs with loading bad scripts (much more graceful handling of errors)

  • Actors in scene blocking or the set now appear in the character list for tick modal

  • Fixed some more modal close button issues

  • Right-click now selects items and works with ctrl multiselection

  • Added hotkey for reset camera to the origin, 'Y'

  • Wall draw toggle now switches to top-down view if in perspective view

  • We now disable wall endpoints while editing/creating floors

  • Tooltips no longer bleed off the screen

  • Fixed the user reporting system

  • Hovering over dropdown items now highlights them

  • Added warning when a users license is about to expire

  • Added a notification that there's a new version available and provides a link to the download page

  • Fixed an issue where newly registered accounts couldn't register a product key

  • After placing dialogue, the software will now go to the timeline at the correct scene

  • Fixed courtroom and painted hall template sets

  • Fixed some issues with model importing and alpha textures not showing properly

  • Added basic analytics for user sessions

  • Fixed issue where imported models couldn’t have transparency

  • Fixed several issues with behavior keyframes

  • Fixed Actor k camera angles and materials

  • Updated App Icon

  • Fixed issues with Zooming on dopesheet and moving keyframes

  • Implemented focus states for Gizmo hotkeys in 3d panel

  • Added terms and conditions agreement to initial application startup on new hardware

  • Camera behaviors are now the length of the tick not the scene blocking when creating a shot

  • Fixed an override undo/redo bug due to duplicate prop lookup references

  • Fixed selection issue with keyframes when right clicking over a boundary scrubber that caused you never to be able to move the boundary afterwards

  • Fixed a shower reference in regular bath that was causing the application to hang

  • Fixed version disappearing when opening a project with one currently open

  • Fixed an issue with creating new sets and templates

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